Charity work

Examples of our charitable activities include indirect support through the project “Running for Children” by Sven Franke in Giessen and direct aid in the form of donations to children and adolescents suffering from terminal diseases at the Children’s and Adolescents’ Hospital in Giessen. A voluntary blood donation campaign by our employees is another example.

Regional sports

We support regional basketball with the Giessen46 team. Our past collaborations have included “Sponsor of the day” and events such as a Meet&Cook with top players in the team. We also provide donations to other regional sports associations for their work, such as TV Lich or Licher Triathlonverein e.V.

Lich and surroundings

For specific projects, we also support other local associations in the form of material or monetary donations. With our membership in the cultural association “Lich Erleben e.V.”, for example, we join others in promoting the goal of making the town of Lich more attractive as a residential and company location as well as for tourism. 


Our cooperation with schools and colleges in the Giessen area and beyond plays a key role in our personnel development. We invite schools to company tours, for example, give away prizes for raffles or donate our flame-retardant paper for student projects. We cooperate with the Anna Freud School in Lich in working with children who need assistance and practice inclusion at our company.


BRANOpac is proud to be one of the first participating companies in a project designed to help refugees enter the work environment. For us it is a matter of principle that we meet this new social challenge with additional engagement on our part. 

Your contact person

Carolin Cuber-Becker
HR Development
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